How do you decide how much to offer on a home you would like to buy?  This can be a tough question as there are a few factors to consider.

Are there other offers coming in?

How long has this home been listed?

Are the sellers needing a quick sale?

What terms can you offer the seller?

What is the current market like?

These are just a few factors but regardless of these and others, you are in the final say.  It will depend on how much you are willing to offer and how high you can and  are willing to go up to secure the home.

Your agent can look at our MLS system to help determine the market value of the listed home.  They can look at sold properties that are similar to the desired home in the same area and give you a good idea of what the home is worth.

“Market value” is essentially driven by how much a ready, willing and able  buyer is willing to offer for the home but also how much a ready, able and willing seller is ready to take for the home.

Our agents will do all they can to help you understand the current market and value of homes so you can make an educated decision when you decide to make an offer.  

Call one of our agents today to get you started on the home buying process.